Richardson's Ground Squirrels

News About Richardson's Ground Squirrels
(also known as gophers)

Richardson's ground squirrels, also known as gophers, are frequently in the news. Media articles often appear in the spring and summer when landowners are attempting to control population numbers. Other articles focus on interesting aspects of their biology such as vocal communication, hibernation, and unusual colour morphs.

Some example of media articles:

General interest
Ground squirrels face tough life of survival (Lethbridge Herald 24 April 1988)
Reserve family strikes white gold (Lethbridge Herald 10 June 1999)
Squirrels send ultrasonic SOS (National Post 29 July 2004)

Gopher fans dig in (Lethbridge Herald 19 June 1999)
City should ‘gopher’ more humane way (Calgary Herald 21 May 2007) 

Pest management
'Virtually indestructible' gopher fading from prairie landscape (Toronto Star 29 September 1997)
Pesky gophers on city's hit list (Lethbridge Herald 10 April 2001)
Farmers struggle with crops, equipment damaged by Richardson ground squirrels (Red Deer Advocate 23 June 2001)
Phostoxin may replace strychnine for gophers (Western Producer 22 March 2007) 

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